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Will Parquet Flooring Make A Comeback?

You may well be getting used to laying wood flooring for your clients, with the natural material a firm favourite in homes and commercial buildings around the country now. But one type of flooring that could be set for a resurgence is parquet.

With people looking for new ways to revamp their interiors and make theirs stand out from the crowd, the versatility of parquet could well make it attractive, with the different patterns that can be created with this type of wood flooring likely to be appealing to some people.

Livingetc recently highlighted some of the different parquet flooring options, as well as delving into the history of this type of wood flooring.

First up, do you know where parquet flooring originated? It first rose to popularity over the Channel in France, where it was introduced to the ornate palaces and homes in Versailles in the 17th century.

From there, the flooring found its way into a host of stately homes and manor houses elsewhere in Europe, as well as plenty of less grand properties too. The news provider noted that parquet offers “character, warmth and a feeling of understated luxury”.

So, if your clients decide to choose parquet flooring, what kinds of patterns can you be expected to lay?

Depending on the intricacy of the patterns and shapes of the tiles, you may need to allow longer than normal to lay this kind of floor. Make sure you’ve also got a floor measuring tool to allow you to accurately plan the design before you start laying it.

One of the most popular options for parquet flooring, and one that’s relatively straightforward, is a herringbone pattern. Once you get started, it isn’t too hard to continue the pattern, but it will take careful planning to ensure you get the edges of the room just right.

Another option that’s proving popular, and that will be a little easier to lay, is chequerboard panels. You just need to make sure you lay alternate tiles with the grain running horizontally, while on the others the grain will run vertically.

Hexagonal tiles can also be used in parquet flooring and create an interesting effect. Once again though, this will require planning before you start work to ensure that they all slot together perfectly once you finish.

One of the most intricate designs highlighted by the news provider is the mansion weave pattern. In this design, each hexagon is outlined by interlinking straight pieces of wood. The finished effect is stunning.

Realtor also recently noted that parquet is making a comeback in homes, but suggested that anyone looking for a modern twist on this flooring should avoid the orange shades of wood that were popular in the 1960s and instead look for wood stains or even paints in different hues to revamp a tired parquet floor.

If any of your clients want to go down this route, they may need you to sand the floor first to smooth out the imperfections. Make sure you remind them to use an oil-based primer before applying any paint if you’re leaving them to do this part themselves, otherwise they’ll find the paint simply soaks into the wood and requires multiple coats.