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April Is National Home Improvement Month!

Great news for tradesmen at the moment looking to boost their profits – April is National Home Improvement Month (NHIM), so you’re very likely to have that phone ringing off the hook as people look to renovate and redecorate over the next few weeks.

Doing some relentless marketing and PR work right now could really help to drive profits, as people start thinking about doing their properties up now that the weather is getting warmer and the sun is starting to shine.

The theme for this year’s NHIM is #makeonechange and this could be something big or small… so the next time you’re at a client’s house, do make sure they’re aware that April is all about home improvements, and perhaps talk to them about other jobs you could do for them while you’re on site.

Remind them that starting home improvement work at this time of year is the best way to prepare for summer, getting gardens ready with lots of lush greenery and making permanent changes for the better at home.

Ask them if they have a to-do list that never seems to get any smaller. No doubt there are many homeowners out there who have big plans for work on their homes, jobs that never get started… or, even worse, jobs that are started and then never finished. Talking to your customers about this could see you hired for even more work over the next few weeks.

Certainly, it seems that a growing number of people are keen to do their properties up, with research from the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) showing that homeowners have spent nearly £8,000 each on home improvements over the last five years… so as you can see, there is a lot of money to be made out there.

NAEA chief executive Mark Hayward was quoted by Property Wire as saying: “‘Home owners are renovating and improving their properties for various reasons. Our needs are constantly changing and by investing money into our homes, we can really make the most of what we’ve got. Alternatively, improvements can add value and saleability to a home that’s going onto the market.”

The NAEA study found that the most popular renovation project is redecorating, followed by new flooring, landscaping and updating the bathroom. Of those who have made improvements to their properties, some seven per cent said they did it because the cost of moving is too high.

In all, 55 per cent said they renovated to improve the look of the property, 23 per cent thought it would add value and be a good investment, 19 per cent bought a fixer-upper on purpose and 12 per cent simply wanted to add more space.

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