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How Safe Are The Tools You Keep In Your Van?

The nature of the job that you all do means that having a van is an absolute essential… how else are you supposed to travel from job to job with all the tools you need to get the work done?

But it’s vital that you do all you can to protect the equipment you keep in your van, as tool theft from vehicles is sadly all too common these days.

Just last month (February), an investigation by the Sun newspaper showed just how easy it is for criminals to break into vehicles that have keyless motors – taking just six seconds to unlock a Ford Focus and get the engine started.

It apparently took just ten seconds to break into both a Skoda Kodiaq and a Nissan Qashqai, 11 seconds for a Jaguar F Type R, 12 seconds for a Mazda 2 Sport and 13 seconds for a Renault Megane.

Thieves know that tradesmen keep a lot of valuable equipment in their vans, which makes them a very attractive target indeed. So what can you do to protect your vehicle and its contents, and ensure that you don’t fall victim to this type of crime?

Of course, it isn’t always practical to unload your van each night and then load it back up again the next day, so wherever possible park your vehicle in a garage overnight to keep it safe. If you can’t do this, park it up so that the back of the van is against a wall to make it harder for people to gain entry.

Always double check that you’ve locked the vehicle when leaving it and consider fitting it with an electronic immobiliser. Fitting a tracking system could also be wise so that if the vehicle itself is stolen it’s more likely it can be recovered.

As for the contents of the van, mark your tools so that you can be identified as the owner if they’re stolen and later recovered. Note down any serial numbers and perhaps make an itemised list of the make and model to help police in their investigations if it comes to that.

It might also be worth looking at tool insurance and seeing if you have it as part of your business policy, so that if tools are stolen you’re better able to pay for the costs of replacing them. Go over your policy with a fine tooth comb so you know what’s covered and what’s not, any conditions if there are any and what your limits and excesses are.

Steps like these might seem a bit time-consuming and rather a nuisance, but it’s worth taking the time so you know you’ve done all you can to prevent thefts from taking place.

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