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Clumsy Children Ruining Your Clients’ Flooring!

We know how hard you all work when it comes to latex floor prep and ensuring that your customers get the flooring of their dreams… and we know how much you all hope that they take proper care of it once you’ve installed it and left them to their own devices.

But, of course, life can certainly get in the way – especially if you have lots of little children running around wreaking havoc wherever they go.

New research from Selco Builders Warehouse, reported on by iNews, has just revealed that two-thirds of families in the UK have had their floors seriously stained or damage because of clumsy little children… something you might like to tell your clients so they can be particularly cautious when it comes to their new flooring!

The most likely causes of damage were found to be children’s drinks, followed by craft materials like ink and paint. And three out of ten parents asked said liquids were indeed the worst substance that children could spill, followed by cosmetics and food.

In all, one in five of those surveyed had to pay up to £200 to have their floors repaired or professionally cleaned, although one very unlucky parent admitted that they had been hit with a bill of £3,000 in order to repair the damage done.

In terms of the worst flooring materials for stains and damages, carpet came out on top – no doubt because it’s so much harder to clean up again than something like linoleum or wood.

The company’s Carine Jessamine was quoted by the news source as saying: “Everyone accepts children are going to have incidents when they are growing up, but when the repair bill can drift into the thousands it can prove costly for parents.

“The general perception is that one of the big benefits of having laminate flooring in your home is that it is more resistant to spillages and stains and that theory is certainly backed up by this research.”

Regardless of children, however, flooring may well be compromised anyway since further research – this time from home appliance brand Beko – has also found that people believe they’re simply too busy these days to clean their homes.

As we all know, one of the best ways of making sure that something stands the test of time is to look after it – and this is especially true of flooring, particularly if something has been spilled on it. If you leave something wet on a wood floor, you could ruin it – and it could end up being very expensive indeed to repair!

Apparently, the traditional spring clean is also on the way out, with the study finding that 38 per cent of adults now think this is the case. And 45 per cent think that previous generations had more time to get the household chores done each week.